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Railworks Track Services, Inc.
4301 Bridgeton Industrial Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone: 314-291-2233
Fax: 314-291-2266

Mr. Mark Brown
Vice President
Phone: 314-291-2233

RailWorks Corporation was formed in 1998 to capitalize on the growing need for rail construction, maintenance, and materials solutions. In the years that followed, we grew by acquiring businesses serving a wide variety of rail and rail-transit needs, amassing a portfolio of expertise and services to fulfill a broad array of rail-related business requirements. Today RailWorks serves a range of customers - from private industries, to public transit authorities, to railroads of all sizes - through two primary business units: Transit Systems and Track. Within these groups is a workforce committed to building the premier rail and rail-transit service provider in North America. RailWorks is now a strong, focused company that is capitalizing on the swelling demand for rail and rail-transit services.

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