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Government Affairs

From testifying before Congress to tracking a bill from its initial proposal to final passage, TAUC's Government Affairs division works to protect and advance the interests of the union construction industry.

The immediate past president of the association serves as the Chairperson of the Government Affairs Committee, which is made up of a variety of contractor representatives from firms of all sizes and specialties.

TAUC has an active Political Action Committee entitled TAUCPAC which is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to engage in dynamic public policy advocacy and advance the goals of the union construction and maintenance sector. TAUCPAC collects personal contributions from individuals employed by TAUC members and distributes those funds to worthy candidates for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives who believe, and have demonstrated their beliefs in, the principles to which our industry is dedicated. For more information please visit TAUCPAC.org.

The function of the Government Affairs Committee is:
  1. To carry out the legislative policy of the national association.
  2. To represent TAUC before the Congress.
  3. To recommend ways and means of reaching legislative goals on specific issues and constantly improving overall awareness of the legislative process.
  4. To urge that TAUC members, local employer organizations, and staff become involved in legislative matters, to know their national legislators, and to recommend ways of presenting TAUC's point of view in a constructive and effective manner before legislative committees and before individual members of Congress.
TAUC is an active participant in a number of legislative coalitions, including:

Each year TAUC jointly hosts a national legislative issues conference with other all-union trade associations in Washington, D.C. Members are strongly encouraged to attend.