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Labor Relations / Industrial Relations

TAUC is committed to the advancement of the union construction industry through the collaboration of its member firms. Labor and industrial relations are a vital part of this collaborative effort, and a key priority for TAUC as we strive to help our members win more business and advance union construction as a whole.

As an advocate for its members, TAUC seeks to strengthen the channels of communication between union contractors, union crafts and the owner-client community through progressive management practices. This "tripartite" approach ultimately leads to positive employment relationships. TAUC's longstanding key relationships with fourteen (14) international construction unions is unique to any national contractor association and fundamental to TAUC's purpose of serving as a voice for the entire Union construction industry.

TAUC's Industrial Relations Committee consists of labor relations professionals from a variety of union contractors, both large and small, specializing in all types of construction that service a wide variety of industries. The Committee provides a forum for its members to meet several times throughout the year to address various opportunities that exist in our industry.

TAUC works closely with its sister organization, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC), a labor-management committee dedicated to providing sustainable work opportunities to its contractors and union crafts while also offering significant value to the owner-client community.

TAUC's labor relations staff is available to assist member contractors on a variety of different topics related to the construction industry.

Daniel Hogan

Chief Executive Officer
703-524-3336 x119

Michael Dorsey

Vice President
703-524-3336 x 122