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The Seven R's of Workforce Development in the Union Construction & Maintenance Industry

Click on cover to download PDFWorkforce development -- retaining and recruiting highly skilled workers -- is one of the biggest challenges facing the union construction and maintenance industry in the twenty-first century. 

In an effort to move the conversation forward, TAUC has created "The Seven R's of Workforce Development in the Union Construction Industry," a framework template to help contractors, unions and owner-clients undertsand the scale of the problem -- and how they can begin working to solve it. 


The "Seven R's of Workforce Development" are:

  1. REDEFINE Our Core Values
  2. RESPOND To 21st Century Business Realities
  3. RENOVATE Our Business Model
  4. RENEW Our Commitment to Safety
  5. REBRAND Our Industry
  6. RETAIN Our Skilled Craft Workers
  7. RECRUIT A New Generation