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TAUC Alert

NMAPC launches new Web site

NMAPC.org offers easier access to your community

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee launched a new web site, www.NMAPC.org, on Sept. 8.

The new and improved site boasts easier navigation, customized landing pages, a new site-wide search function, new social networking features, an expanded Zero Injury Safety Awards channel and an upgraded store.

NMAPC Impartial Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Stephen R. Lindauer said the new site is reflective of his organization's commitment to excellence.

"The launch of the new NMAPC.org demonstrates how the union sector offers unparalleled customer service," Lindauer said.

"We treat the opportunity to serve union contractors, labor leaders and industrial business owners as a high privilege, and are thrilled they use us as their gateway to successful project outcomes."

NMAPC.org received 2.1 million hits in 2007, and 2.3 million hits in 2008. The NMAPC forecasts increased growth in 2009 as a result of the improved usability of the site.

Please contact 703.841.9707 if you have questions about the new site or need a username and password.