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The State Group (USA) Limited Celebrates Safety Achievements

2012 ZISA Silver Star Winner, Thomas J. Reynolds Award Winner

Evansville, IN - The State Group Industrial (USA) Limited celebrated multiple safety achievements on February 28, 2013 with a banquet for more than 120 employees and guests. The employees represent several of the trades that make up the Southwestern Indiana Building Trades Council. The celebration highlighted the Indiana Construction Association (ICA) Gold Summit Award, The Association of Union Constructosr (TAUC) Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Award and the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) Zero Injury Safety Award. TAUC and NMAPC Director of Safety and Health Wayne Creasap was on hand to present the Zero Injury Safety Award and Thomas J. Reynolds Award.

The ICA Gold Summit Award is based on the effectiveness and understanding of an employer's safety program with its employees. The TAUC Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Award is for company-wide work based on maintaining at DART Rate at least 25% below the industry average. State Group achieved a zero DART rate in 2011 and were recognized with a crystal plaque.

The State Group also achieved Zero Injuries on two NMA projects at Alcoa Inc. with the Southwest Indiana Building Trades Council and were presented with ZISA plaques in October of last year. One was a ZISA Certificate of Merit for 59,784 injury free hours worked at Alcoa Warrick Operations, while the other was a Silver Star Award for 856,043 injury free hours worked at Alcoa Warrick Generating Station. The State Group presented the customer's ZISA plaques to representatives of Alcoa at a luncheon earlier in the afternoon.

Employees were congratulated for their zero injury efforts on all State Group projects and were recognized with special orange flame-resistant shirts and hoodies showcasing their achievements (see above). One State Group employee was recognized as an Honorable Mention in the TAUC James J. Willis Craftperson of the Year Awards.

TAUC and the NMAPC congratulate The State Group (USA) Limited's employees and management for their achievements and helping to promote the zero injury philosophy!

To find out more about how your company can celebrate the "zero injury philosophy" at the local level, contact Wayne Creasap.