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E2E Summit: Connecting Contractors with Next-Generation Tech Innovators

New TAUC Affiliate Member E2E Summit® is looking for some very special "VIP" contractors and unions -- but those letters don't stand for what you think they do.

"We are a company that connects contractors and technology companies to create positive change in the union construction, maintenance, and building trades," explained Tim Speno, President and CEO of E2E Summit®

"Finding and vetting new technologies from brand-name companies to start-ups is what we do every day, but this is not unique by itself," Speno added. What differentiates E2E Summit® is that it works to connect these innovations with forward-thinking contractors and labor and management organizations. E2E calls these customers VIPs, or Visionaries, Innovators and Pioneers.

Together, they create executive-to-executive (hence E2E) networking groups, advisory councils and technology incubators.  

"We are always on the lookout for contractors who have the appetite to disrupt the status quo," he continued. "We started the E2E Summit® concept in 2012 with predominately electrical industry participants and since then, much of the innovation and technology companies that we are currently working with are a strong fit for the 14 trades that TAUC works with, too."

E2E Summit® works exclusively with the union trades and signatory contractors. "I believe in the union model of developing and investing in a world-class craftperson," Speno said. "The next generation of skilled worker is going to be similar to the soldier of the future. This person is going to be required to be trained on some of the most advanced technologies and to make knowledge-based decisions concerning a vast number of topics, based on data from everywhere. They will be empowered to make safety and productivity decisions for themselves and their fellow workers. This belief is at the core of our mission." 

E2E Summit® joined TAUC after witnessing the success of connecting a number of TAUC members with one of its technology partners, Eksobionics (click here to view this disruptive technology at work)."The amount of interest I received by TAUC members who wanted to connect with Eksobionics was completely beyond my expectations," Speno said.

Although E2E Summit® works with contractors year-round, it also holds an annual summit that allows industry leaders to meet face-to-face. This intense, high-impact, 48-hour networking event is essentially "speed-dating for executives," as Speno puts it. Check out this video to learn more. The next summit is scheduled for May 16-18 in St. Louis, and limited spots are available.

For more information about the conference or E2E Summit® in general, contact Tim Speno at timspeno@e2esummit.com or on his cell phone at (785) 200-3936.