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Safety is a core value at TAUC. Here's a look at the many ways in which TAUC provides its member contractors with firsthand opportunities to enhance safety-first principles on the job and throughout the industry as a whole.

TAUC Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The TAUC Environmental Health and Safety Committee is comprised of members who help guide the association's safety and health policy. Quarterly meetings provide an excellent forum for members to network and discuss the latest issues relevant to environment, health and safety (EHS).

Strategic Alliance

TAUC maintains a strategic alliance with the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE) and shares EHS-related information among the collective membership of both groups.

Safety Awards

TAUC recognizes outstanding contractor safety performance through its annual Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Award Program. All members are eligible and encouraged to participate.

Awards are based on company-wide safety performance (all hours worked in a calendar year) with a Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) Rate 25% or more below the industry average, based on the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.

Two awards are presented:

  1. Zero DART Rate
  2. DART Rate 25% below the industry average

Applications require the submittal of OSHA 300 and 300A forms and are completed online each year from January through March. The awards are presented at the annual TAUC Leadership Conference.

Zero Injury Institute (ZII)

TAUC actively supports the Zero Injury Institute (ZII). ZII offers zero injury services to members at a discounted rate. These services include zero injury assessments and training through an online professional learning lab. Online training services are built into modules for crafts, foremen, general foremen, superintendents, managers, project engineers, safety professionals and other support staff such as purchasing, security, office staff, company officers and CEOs.

Useful ZII links:


TAUC is proud to be an active member of the ANSI A10 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) for Construction and Demolition Operations. Additionally, TAUC was actively involved in the A10.13 standard for Steel Erection activities.

ASME B30.5

TAUC is proud to have active participation on the ASME B30.5 consensus standard for Mobile and Locomotive Cranes.

Drug Free Workplace Alliance

Medical marijuana, "bath salts" and prescription pain killers - all are current substance abuse trends that pose a problem in the workplace. TAUC has been an active participant in the Drug Free Workplace Alliance for a number of years. Originally pioneered through the Working Partners group, the Alliance continues to function and address substance abuse concerns relevant to the construction industry.


TAUC has an active participant on OSHA's Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health. This group meets twice a year and acts as an industry sounding board for the agency regarding policies and procedures that affect the construction industry. TAUC continues to work toward building relationships with the agency to continue to improve the health and safety of the men and women in the field.

Organization Affiliations

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)


Center for Construction Research and Training, Center to Protect Workers Rights

Construction Safety Council (Chicago Area)

Ironworkers Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT)

National Safety Council (NSC)

  • Actively participating on the NSC Utilities Division

National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE)

Society of Ohio Safety Engineers (SOSE)

Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association (SC&RA)

Veterans of Safety (VOS)

Get the most from your membership -- become involved with TAUC's Environmental Health and Safety Committee today!

To find out how you can join the committee or become involved with any of the safety-related work groups and organizations listed above, contact Todd Mustard, Vice President at 703-524-3336 x112 or tmustard@tauc.org.