The Construction User Magazine

The Construction User is TAUC's official magazine. Read by more than 8,000 construction industry professionals each quarter, our full-color publication gives readers a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on union construction and the issues contractors, labor and owner-clients face on a daily basis.

Each issue includes exclusive columns and feature articles on virtually every aspect of the union construction industry, including:
  • Safety - Each issue experts discuss the latest safety developments and provide readers with ways to improve the safety culture on jobsites
  • Legal issues - Union contractors face a myriad of legal pitfalls. TAUC's general counsel, Steve Fellman, provides readers with updates on important court cases and offers a valuable perspective on how the law and business intersect
  • Industry insights - Regular columns from the TAUC President and the Chairmen of the TAUC Labor and Local Employer Organization (LEO) Committees offer readers high-level analysis of the economic forces that shape our industry
  • Interviews and feature articles - From insightful Q&A's with union general presidents to in-depth articles on the latest construction business trends and what other companies are doing to improve safety and increase their profit margin, the features in each issue of the magazine are some of the most-discussed in the industry

Subscriptions to The Construction User are free to anyone in the industry. If you're not yet receiving the magazine, e-mail David Acord at or call him at (703) 524-3336 x124 and he'll put you on the list!

In addition, all issues of The Construction User are available online in downloadable PDF format.

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TAUC About Construction

e-newsletterThere's no better way to stay informed about the latest developments at TAUC and in the union construction industry in general than to read our monthly e-newsletter, TAUC About Construction.

TAUC About Construction is an HTML e-mail sent each month to more than 4,000 subscribers. Each issue contains exclusive TAUC content - articles and reports written specifically for our readers. You'll find the latest on collective bargaining agreements, wage rates, OSHA directives, legislative activity on Capitol Hill, and much more.

The e-newsletter is free to anyone in the construction industry. If you're not yet receiving TAUC About Construction, e-mail David Acord at or call him at (703) 524-3336 x124 and he'll put you on the list!

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